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July Parent Support Group Posted July 22 2013 | 11:57 am

Prepare To Bloom welcomes parents of struggling teens and young adults to join us for our upcoming support group. Please make sure to contact Shayna for additional details and location. This support group occurs monthly on the 4th Tuesday from 6-8pm, so if you are unable to join in July, mark your calendar for August. […]

New website to highlight our new services Posted August 23 2011 | 9:06 pm

I’d like to take a moment to talk about the new web page. I’m really excited about the new look and feel. It’s much more in line, from a design point of view, with the brochures and business cards I have. But there’s a lot more to the new web site than a pretty new […]

Family Communication is the Key Posted June 28 2011 | 11:22 pm

I’d like to write today about my first meeting with families, and how communication plays a vital role. The process generally goes something like this: After discussing the reason they have sought out help, we discuss how the family currently functions. We talk about the parents’ relationship with their children and with one another. We talk […]

New Article on Therapeutic Consulting Posted May 20 2011 | 4:09 pm

Posted an article today titled “Therapeutic Consulting For Teens And Young Adults?”. It talks about who therapeutic consultants are, what we do, and how we can help families. For all of those who already know what we do, please leave a comment telling us what we forgot. And for all of those who are somewhat […]

Bullying And Being Bullied: A Growing Problem Posted May 11 2011 | 11:23 pm

Bullying has been a hot topic in the news recently as the case of Phoebe Prince was brought to light by the media. For those who have not heard about it, the Associated Press printed the story on May 9th.  In this story, they reported that “Phoebe Prince was a recently arrived Irish immigrant, 15 […]

Parenting in the Age of Entitlement Posted May 8 2011 | 10:10 am

First of all, to all the mother’s reading this post, may you have a wonderful and very special Mother’s day. I think today’s topic of entitlement is fitting for such a day. We live in an age of instant gratification. If we want something to eat we are surrounded with a multitude of options. If […]

One of every Twelve Teens Suffer from Anxiety Posted May 5 2011 | 11:31 pm

The National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) reports that in the U.S., about 8 percent of adolescents (13-18 years old) are experiencing a diagnosable anxiety disorder. They further report that while most of these teens have been experiencing symptoms since the age of 6, only 18 percent of them have received treatment for their symptoms. […]

New Research About Teen “Sexting” Posted April 29 2011 | 11:37 pm

The National Campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy recently published the results from a survey they commissioned in conjunction with Cosmo Girl. The survey asked teens and young adults about their use of technology to send sexually explicit pictures and messages to one another. The survey included the responses of 1,280 teens and young adults […]

Transitions to Adulthood Posted April 28 2011 | 11:52 pm

I would like to remind parents about the risks of transition times. Increasingly, parents are seeing that the transition to young adulthood is not a smooth one. When I speak about transitions with parents I am often referring to transitions between activities such as going from English to Math class, from school to home, or from sports practice to […]

Attachment Disorders in the Adoptive Population Posted April 27 2011 | 11:02 pm

As I was doing some research on Attachment Disorders, I came across an interview with Dr. Jane Aronson, “Orphan Doctor” to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s family. Although the interview is now four years old, the conversation struck me as inspirational on one hand, as she is a strong supporter of adoption, and somewhat confusing on the […]

A Plan for Summer Posted April 25 2011 | 6:56 pm

As Spring Break comes to an end, the count down to summer begins. Summer means family trips, summer school, camps, and lots of unstructured time. This leaves parents with the daunting task of figuring out what to do to fill three months of freedom. Proper planning is the key to a great summer. Summer is a great […]

What we do at Prepare To Bloom, LLC Posted April 23 2011 | 7:38 pm

Prepare To Bloom, LLC Prepare to Bloom was formed in 2011 by Shayna Abraham, M.A., who has over a decade of experience in the therapeutic and educational consulting industry. She is well known for her work with another reputable consulting firm based in California. Shayna brings a unique set of skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise […]

Teenage Addiction Posted April 22 2011 | 6:03 pm

Josh* was introduced to me by his parents because he was struggling to find time for anything other than online gaming and smoking pot.  Josh’s parents were concerned that he had become addicted to marijuana and online gaming. “Who knows?” they thought “Maybe he’s doing other things as well…” His parents shared that their relationship […]

Tips for Parents about Drugs and Alcohol Posted April 21 2011 | 5:58 pm

Parents often ask about what they should look for to know if their teen, tween, or young adult is using drugs or alcohol. Sometimes a child may tell you, in their own way, they are using but more often than not they will try and hide it. There are many subtle clues that parents can […]

The Facts about ADHD Posted April 18 2011 | 1:17 pm

What is ADHD? The National Institute of Mental Health defines Attention Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) as ” a term used to describe a group of behaviors that most often appear in young, school-aged children.” How is ADHD diagnosed? There is no one test that can diagnose ADHD.  A trained mental health professional, or physician can assist in ruling out […]

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Cutting Posted April 17 2011 | 11:19 am

Cutting is a form of self injury where small cuts are made typically on the body arms and/or legs.  Cutting is a way for teens to release emotional pain.  The practice of cutting has been happening in secret for ages, but more recently has come to light as it has been shown in movies, TV […]

Happier Teens are Healthier Teens Posted April 16 2011 | 3:26 pm

According to a study at the University of South Florida completed by Emily Shaffer-Hudkins and her team, happier teens are healthier teens.  Her findings were reported in Springer’s Journal Applied Research in Quality of Life.  Shaffer-Hudkins’ used a sample of 401 students in grades 6-8 from a suburban southeastern middle school in the United States.  She […]

The Importance of Self Care Posted April 4 2011 | 8:50 am

We have all heard that in order to take care of others we have to take care of ourselves first, but in a time where every minute is accounted for how can we put this in place? Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be extremely time-consuming. Even taking five minutes to meditate, or a […]

Autism Awareness in April Posted April 1 2011 | 10:32 am

Since the 1970s the United States has recognized April as National Autism Month. So this April we want to help share some facts about Autism. Let’s start with the facts. There is no known single cause for Autism spectrum disorders. It is generally accepted that there are abnormalities in the shape, structure, and function in […]

Books on Parenting

The Price of Privilege: How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage Are Creating a Generation of Disconnected and Unhappy Kids

Dr. Levine does an excellent job of addressing the challenges teens in affluent suburbs of America are facing. She has vast experience which she shares in this book. It is a very easy read for professionals and parents alike.

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Prepare To Bloom is a San Francisco Bay Area based consulting firm devoted to helping families make good therapeutic and educational choices. We were founded in the spring of 2011 bringing years of knowledge, experience, and expertise to help make a decision that is well informed and wise... a decision that will best enable an adolescent or young adult to grow to their full potential.

We specialize in placing adolescents and young adults in American therapeutic programs. We welcome the opportunity to work with families located within the United States and abroad.

Shayna Abraham, M.A.

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Shayna Abraham holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Eating Disorders from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She has completed additional course work in chemical dependency at California State University, East Bay. Prior to full time consulting, she worked therapeutically with a wide range of clients including adults, adolescents, children and families.

Shayna understands that each family she works with has unique and often complex challenges. Her intent is to meet each family where they are and guide them to reach their individually defined goals. Over the past decade, she has worked with hundreds of families and has placed clients in academic and therapeutic settings.

Shayna regularly travels nationally and internationally, maintaining her direct knowledge of schools and programs. This allows her to cultivate relationships directly with each of the professionals and programs she recommends. She utilizes her in-depth understanding of diagnosis, assessment, and treatment to advocate for her clients while guiding the family through the entire treatment process.


For families who are just beginning to see the signs and the symptoms of trouble.

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